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As the leading choice in the industry, ATS.wrok not only expands your reach but also significantly saves you time and budget.

Experience the power of the recruitment marketing automation platform today and transform your recruitment strategy for better results sales conditions.

Job posting

All your jobs are automatically multiposted across all our platforms with our commitment to solving recruitment marketing challenges for leading organizations around the globe.

Why our service?

All-in-One Recruitment Marketing Platform

If you're looking to populate your hiring funnels with qualified candidates, you've arrived at the perfect destination.

Free Multiposting

Free of charge job multiposting streamlines the recruitment process by simultaneously distributing job listings across multiple platforms with a single submission. No contracts or payments for job boards required.

Candidate Matching

Candidate matching streamlines recruitment by aligning job seekers with suitable openings, with email notifications promptly informing about the match. Your job openings receive the right candidates so they can apply directly.

Smart Sync

Automatic synchronization with your ATS, or very simple publication and follow-up with our Applicant Tracking System. Our connectors allow for an unlimited number of job listings, utilizing XML, web crawlers, or API.


With your own ATS work performance dashboard, you gain immediate insight into key metrics such as visitor numbers, applications. Use these insights to optimize your job listings and enhance your recruitment marketing strategy.

Enhancing Your Workflow

Candidates seamlessly integrate into your current recruitment workflow and applicant tracking system, applying directly. Our technology monitors each applicant all the way to hire, continuously fine-tuning your recruitment advertising spend to achieve the most favorable cost-per-hire.

AI recruiter

The expertise of the best recruiters will be applied to all job listings, and each listing will be rewritten to include the right keywords, ensuring it reaches the best candidates. Big data-driven decisions enable optimizations that were once thought impossible. simplifies the hiring process by automating recruitment marketing. We link every Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with our network of job boards. This means employers just have to post a job once, either in their ATS / Site, and we'll spread it across our online platforms and other important places to get lots of candidates.

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Our Expertise

What Does Our Company Do? streamlines the recruitment process by automating recruitment marketing, connecting any Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with our extensive network of job boards. Employers only need to post their job once, either through their own ATS or website, and we ensure it is distributed across our digital platforms and key locations to attract a broad pool of candidates.

Additionally, our proprietary Applicant Tracking System offers vital functionalities for job postings and candidate selection, allowing employers to simultaneously broadcast their vacancies across multiple channels without the hassle of registering or incurring fees on various job boards or social media platforms.

Furthermore, we've designed an innovative candidate matching system that automatically alerts job seekers via email when their profiles or resumes align with available positions, leveraging daily notifications to enhance recruitment efficiency effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. Customer Service team.

How many applications will I receive for my job postings?
The number of applications depends on the type of vacancy and the form's threshold. The longer the form, the less likely a candidate will complete it, especially for in-demand professions. Our ATS, on average, converts 10% of visitors into applicants. Our application procedure is meticulously crafted and dynamic, allowing you to customize the form for each vacancy as needed. You'll benefit from an influx from sites that receive thousands of visitors and direct targeting with matching. See statistics.
How long will our job posting remain open?
The duration your job posting remains open is up to you. We synchronize your list of vacancies daily. If you publish in our ATS, your subscription includes a number of slots you can use for 10 or 100 vacancies at the same time. These slots can remain open for as long as you wish.
Do you have long-term contracts with a minimum budget?
You can pay monthly or annually, with a cancellation notice period of one month. So, if you cancel your account this month, you won't have to pay next month.
On how many sites will my job posting be published?
Depending on the profile you're seeking, it usually concerns 3 or 4 related niche and general job sites.
Any other questions?
For all other questions, you can contact us. This can be done either by phone or email.
Phone: +32 499 41 46 24